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Get started for free to explore our first 15 generators and stay tuned for our pro plan to get access to more generators and features.

Basic plan


No credit cards, no signup, 15 generators to get you started

  • Access to 15 generators

  • Basic generator functions

  • Export as SVG and PNG

  • Unlimited SVG downloads

  • Unlimited medium resolution PNG downloads

  • 9 basic canvas templates

Pro plan

Coming soon


All functions and a growing list of generators to fuel your creativity

  • Everything from the Basic plan

  • Access to all generators

  • Regular new generator releases

  • Advanced generator functions

  • Advanced color options

  • Export as code snippets (SVG, JSX)

  • Unlimited high resolution PNG downloads

  • Early access to new features

  • 40+ canvas templates

Frequently asked questions

When is the pro plan coming?

We have released a first version of Haikei including a limited number of generators and features that is, and will stay free for everyone. We are working to make available a paid plan that will include much more generators and unlock more cool features! Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we launch the pro plan.

Can I use the designs I made with Haikei for commercial work?

Yes, you can use Haikei for both personal and professional projects. You can download, edit, and use any designs you made with Haikei for yourself or your client. There are some basic limitations that do not allow the use of Haikei designs to provide a similar design generator service. If you are not sure, Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Are there new generators coming?

Yes! We are working on adding more than 20 generators as well as new features for existing generators.

Do I need to credit Haikei?

No, you do not need to credit Haikei, but a back link to our website is always very appreciated!

Is there a limit on downloads?

No, you can download as many Haikei designs as you want. We encourage you to play with the settings and randomize to get as many options as you like!

I need some custom design work. Are you available for hire?

Yes, we are available for contract work. Send us a message to tell us about your project.


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