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12 Mar 2021

Welcome to the world of Haikei!

Since we launched, and, we have been thinking about how to provide new ways to discover and create generative design assets. Our goal was to create a tool that would preserve the serendipity and fun of Blobmaker and Get Waves, while offering a platform to create infinitely more types of visuals. Now, we are excited to finally introduce you to!

Haikei — A growing collection of generative design tools

Haikei is a growing collection of generators to help you discover and create design assets in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a generator from our growing list
  2. Tweak the settings. Set the size of your canvas, tweak the parameters for the selected generator, such as number and size of shapes, distortion, and color.
  3. Randomize! Use the dice button to generate a new visual with every click. Every visual will still be limited by the settings displayed in the right-hand sidebar. Play with these to discover new cool visuals.
  4. Download your visuals as SVGs or PNGs and continue working on them or start using them right away!

Discover and create beautiful visuals for your design in a few simple steps: choose a generator, tweak the settings, randomize, and download.

The generators

Haikei is centered around the concept of a generator. We think of a generator as a type of visual that can be parametrized and adjusted to your design needs. Haikei's main goal is to provide a starting point for a serendipitous design process with its generators.

Use Haikei to design anything, from backgrounds for product showcases to social media banners, pitch decks, blog posts, posters and more. To make this easier we included a few basic canvas sizes to help you get started. Select the canvas size for your use case and let the generator adapt to the new size. More canvas sizes such as Twitter header, Instagram post or A4 page are coming soon in the pro tier.

Taking Blobmaker and Get Waves to the next level

The first generators we started working on were the Blob and Wave inspired ones. We wanted Haikei to feel just as fun and simple to use as Blobmaker and Get Waves, but with more options to parametrize the visuals.

Haikei features more options to define, position, and scale the visual elements, resize the canvas and choose colors. In addition to the simple wave generator, we include the option of creating visuals with multiple layered or stacked waves, steps and peaks.

Stacked wave variations using different color ordering and advanced color functions to create softer transitions.

The classic blob also got a makeover. Now you can tweak the canvas size, blob position and scale and choose between a filled or outlined blob. We also made some improvements under the hood to provide even more useful blobs that are easier to export and work with in your projects. In addition to the simple blob, Haikei also includes a generator for something we called Blob scene.

We found this type of visual particularly useful when creating backgrounds for various use cases ranging from product showcases to social media covers, as well as illustrations. This is why the Blob scene became a separate generator.

Different blob-centric tools in Haikei

Adding new generators

We are launching Haikei with 15 free generators that feature various svg shapes ranging from symbols to polygons, blobs, and triangles. In the meantime we are already working on more generators for our pro tier. We can’t say too much about them yet, but they will help you discover and create even more cool visual assets to spice up your designs.

Haikei has a growing list of generators that cover anything from organic to geometric shapes. Create intriguing backgrounds that amplify your visuals, or make shapes the star of the show.

Going pro

We have come a long way since Blobmaker and Get Waves. While the initial 15 free generators we are releasing with basic functionalities will always be free, we are working on developing a pro tier that will include more options and more interesting shape generators, optimised code downloads, as well as filters and effects to create even more compelling visuals.

With Haikei we have created a platform that will grow over time to include more and more interesting design asset generators built with designer and developer experience in mind. Our goal is to make this process as fun and inspiring as possible for you.

Stay tuned

We are excited to finally open up Haikei and can't wait to hear what you think. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we release our next generator and to get more tips on how to create visuals for your next designs using Haikei!

12 Mar 2021

Cristina Poiata


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