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12 Mar 2021

Haikei blobs: Getting started with organic shapes

If you like, you are going to love how we intergrated it into Haikei. In addition to the simple blob, we've added a couple more generators driven by blobs. This article will introduce them and explore what they can do.

Haikei offers many options to create blob-driven designs.

Blobs in Haikei

The basic blob generator in Haikei is essentially an evolution of the original Blobmaker. In addition to the functionalities of the original Blobmaker we added a couple of cool features to make the blobs even more useful and seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

The haikei blob generator handles simple blobs, and additionally enables you to specify position and size of the blob. This opens up new possibilities.

First, the new canvas size option makes it easier to create blobs for various use cases. Choose a convenient canvas size and let the blob adapt to it.

This becomes especially useful, when you want to position the blob within the canvas. This is now possible since the new blob generator also has a position switch, which places the blob either in the center or in one of the four corners of the canvas. This opens up a lot of options, since you can now easily create backgrounds with partially visible blobs. Use the scale slider to adjust the size of your blob for an interesting off-canvas effect.

In addition to the blob color you can also edit or remove the background color of your canvas. Want an outlined blob? With Haikei you can do that. Adjust the stroke width and create outlined organic shapes with ease.

Blob scene

Another generator based on the original Blobmaker is the Blob scene. When we released Blobmaker, we noticed that a lot of designers were using a similar style of visual to showcase products. Making a visual like this can be a bit of a pain though, and the Blob scene generator offers lots of options when you need some interesting background shapes.

The Blob scene positions two blobs in opposing corners of the canvas. Choose the corners where your blobs should go and whether you want the ends to stay fixed as you shuffle through various options. Experiment with the gap slider to adjust the distance between the two blobs and make your visual bold, or more subtle. By modifying the gap you can also easily control how much space is left on the canvas for mockups or text.

The Blob scene has another cool feature: the possibility to add gradient steps. The color of the gradient steps will be generated automatically based on the given blob color so that you can create beautiful visuals that are in line with your brand or project. The color interpolator can be fun to mess with, creating subtle transitions when using similar colors, or bolder color combos when using contrasting colors.

Adjust the gap, colors, and number of steps for cool visuals using the Blob scene generator.

The Blob scene generator has another trick up its sleeve. You can think of the generator as two blobs in opposing corners, or one central shape. Try inverting the colors and you can see a huge difference in perception.

Blob scatter

The last new generator based on blobs is the Blob scatter. This generator can be used to create backgrounds using irregular organic shapes. The “Contain blobs to canvas” function is a toggle we added to help prevent your visuals from overflowing at the edge of the canvas.

Play with the blob color, number, and shape, to generate cool backgrounds and patterns.

You can adjust the number of blobs, size contrast, and blob size depending on the visual effect you are looking for. In addition, just like with the simple blob, you can adjust the complexity and contrast of the scattered blobs. The scattered blobs can also be either filled or outlined. Just select “Outline” and experiment with the stroke width and color!

So if you want something that looks like cereal, leopard spots, blood cells, mud splatter, bubbles, or whatever else is blobby and irregular, the Blob scatter has you covered.

As with all our generators, once you’ve tweaked your parameters, click that dice button to discover new and unique visuals. Download them and continue working with them in any vector editing tool or use them as images in your designs.

12 Mar 2021

Richard Zimerman


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